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Altopiano Outdoor Works is the most recent chapter in a story that began more than twenty years ago.

Early 90s, a steel frame Mountain Bike and a huge hiking backpack. The curiosity of a teenager and the desire to test themselves, from an adventure to the next, developing a personal attitude for exploration and life in the open air.

From passion to profession. After millions of pedal strokes, the bicycle becomes a job, working for tour operators, national parks, public and private institutions, hotels. Travels by bike are planned in the most beautiful corners of Italy and Europe and in the wildest areas of the planet. Riding and walking with thousands of customers we collect invaluable feedback gaining awareness. We work in the territory managing projects to encourage outdoor tourism, we work alongside hospitality structures to make them become Bike & Active Hotels.

The habitat of Altopiano Outdoor Works are the mountains. By bike and on foot to explore the backcountry in the continuous search for new trails, new emotions, new connections with nature.

Mountain Bike, Gravel, Road Bike, All-Mountain, Fat Bike, E-Bike, Bikepacking, Enduro, Cycle-mountaineering and Cycle Tourism: every variant of the two wheels finds the ideal adventure companion in the Altopiano Outdoor Works.

Altopiano Outdoor Works is proud to share its passion, professionalism and positive attitude with cyclist guests, sure to offer unique and rewarding experiences.

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7Rando: two days of cycling, friendship, party and adventure with overnight stay in a tent on the Altopiano di Asiago - Sette Comuni. Bikepacking is freedom, solitude, horizons, dust, distance, effort, sunsets, a tent in front of a fireplace, is life on the outdoor. Bikepacking is beer. And Altopiano Outdoor loves all this. Above all, beer. June 22, 23 - 2019 Altopiano Outdoor, 3T Bike and Record Bike organizes 7RANDO, a bikepacking event dedicated to Gravel Bikes and Mountain Bikes. Take your bike, turn on the GPS and cycle through immense forests, along ancient mule tracks, follow the military roads of the First World War up to the pre-established position where to set up the bivouac. Waiting for you there will be the Altopiano Outdoor staff with grill party, bonfire, draft beers and an acoustic concert. You'll cycle from 800 to 2200 meters of altitude, in the thick of the woods and along aerial ridges, in full autonomy, to discover yourself, the nature and the silence of the Altopiano di Asiago - Sette Comuni.

3T Gravel Season on the Altopiano di Asiago - Sette Comuni

Saturday, March 23 we are waiting for you at the Col del Sole Bike Hotel for the inauguration of the 2019 season! Thanks to a prestigious partnership with 3T Bike our cyclist customers and friends will have at their disposal for the rental a fleet of hi-end Exporo Gravel bikes equipped with the bikepacking bags from Miss Grape, Italian leader manufacturer. Come and ride the Altopiano di Asiago - Sette Comuni in the saddle of performing machines, satisfy your thirst for adventure! Tour with a guide or self-guided, multi-day trips for the hungry of Gravel! We are waiting for you!

Rando Berica 2017

Saturday 17 of June, 2017: the first edition of RandoBerica awaits you! An adventurous pedal race, not competitive, to test your head, technique and leg along the most beautiful singletrack of the Berici Hills. Departure from 5:00 to 7:00 in…



Altopiano Outdoor

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