Bikepacking is freedom, solitude, horizons, dust, distance, effort, sunsets, a tent in front of a fireplace, is life on the outdoor. Bikepacking is beer. And Altopiano Outdoor loves all this. Above all, beer.

June 22, 23 – 2019 Altopiano Outdoor, 3T Bikes and Record Bike ASD organizes 7RANDO, a non-competitive bikepacking event dedicated to Gravel Bikes and Mountain Bikes. Two days of cycling along different routes designed to satisfy anyone abilities. Whatever route you choose, arrival on Saturday 22 June will take place at a common location to party together and for overnight stay in a tent.

Routes: 3 routes available – 30, 60 or 100km dailyto take you to discover the Altopiano di Asiago – Sette Comuni that we like.

7Rando_30K_Stage1: 800mt+ / 7Rando_30K_Stage2: 800mt+

7Rando_60K_Stage1: 1800mt+/ 7Rando_60K_Stage2: 1400mt+

7Rando_100K_Stage1: 3100mt+/ 7Rando_100K_Stage2: 2300mt+

Difficulty: 7Rando 30K and 60K wind on forest roads and dirt mule tracks, with some short stretches of asphalt. 7Rando 100K will test your legs and technique, with stretches of single track, bike on your shoulder and a lot of difference in height!

The participants will set up the tents at the established base camp near a hut that will serve as a logistic base for the Altopiano Outdoor staff. Here there is drinking water – but there will not be the possibility of showering – and electricity so as to be able to recharge mobile phones, GPS, E-Bikes batteries.
Advice: your Gravel bike should be mounted with tires of the most generous section possible and a suitable ratio for long rides in the mountains with any type of bottom (we recommend 38 × 11-42). Use comfortable shoes, also suitable for walking and to enter the bar to drink without slipping …
Regulations: see below

Programmeeting for the 7Rando briefing will be on Friday June 21th at 5:00pm by the Col del Sole Bike Hotel (via Chiesa, 52 – Treschè Conca di Roana / VI). Please book your room in advance to get proper discount!

Before start cycling it is mandatory to complite the registration at the Col del Sole Bike Hotel desk. It will be necessary to deliver the medical certificate for the cycling practice and deliver to the staff of Altopiano Outdoor only one bag containing tent, mattress, sleeping bag and personal belongings necessary for the bivouac. Each piece of luggage will be provided with a label showing the owner’s name.
The departure is scheduled for Saturday, June 22th at the Col del Sole Bike Hotel. The departure is free, from 5 to 8 am.
At the end of the first stage, at the base camp the participants will find the Altopiano Outdoor staff to deliver the baggage. Participants will independently set up their tents on the places indicated. The staff of Altopiano Outdoor will take care of the participants serving hot soup, a grilled meat, a side dish and rivers of Cimbra, the local premium beer.  The band McNando will cheer those present with an acoustic concert of Cimbric music by a bonfire under the stars. An unforgettable experience.
The following morning the Altopiano Outdoor staff will serve a hearty breakfast and plenty of coffee for everyone. Once you packed your stuff you’ll be ready to face the second stage, continuing your cycling adventure along the eastern portion of the Altopiano di Asiago – Sette Comuni.
Once back at the Col del Sole Bike Hotel, Altopiano Outdoor will be waiting for you with a Pasta Party and a lot of music&beers.

7Rando Photo Contest: best videos and photos taken during 7Rando can participate at the Photo Contest, as a prize:

  • a weekend for two people (b&b service) at the Col del Sole Bike Hotel
  • a Miss Grape bikepack bag
  • a Mtb or Gravel guided tour on the Altopiano di Asiago – Sette Comuni
  • a case of Cimbra Beer
Photos and videos will be sent to the Altopiano Outdoor staff within two weeks of the conclusion of the event. The video-photographic material will remain the property of Altopiano Outdoor. The winners will be notified by e-mail, the photos and images published on the social channels of Altopiano Outdoor, 3T Bikes, Record Bike ASD and Col del Sole Bike Hotel.



▪️ Friday 21 June:
– dinner, overnight and breakfast at Col Del Sole Bike Hotel ***S

▪️ Saturday 22 June:
transport of personal luggage + tent at the bivouac
country dinner (first course, barbecue, side dish + 1 pint of beer)

▪️ Sunday 23 June:
– country breakfast
showers available at the end of the stage
– pasta party

COST: € 130

⛰️🏕️ 7 RANDO 🏕️⛰️

▪️ Saturday 22 June:
transport of personal luggage + tent at the bivouac
country dinner (first course, barbecue, side dish + 1 pint of beer)

▪️ Sunday 23 June:
– country breakfast
showers available at the end of the stage
– pasta party

COST: € 85

Info a:


Art. 1 – Registration

7 Rando is open to all persons who have completed 18 years of age at the time of registration and belonging to any nationality. Participants enrolled in an ASD affiliated to the FCI or other institutions belonging to Coni, must also show the ID card during the registration phase, all others must have a medical certificate for cycling activities. Entries are managed by Endu.

Registration fees are non-refundable, cannot be transferred to another participant and cannot be frozen for another edition, for any reason. The event will take place in any weather condition. In case of suspension due to alerts, alerts / weather or emergencies from organizations not dependent on the organization, the registration fees cannot be reimbursed.

Art. 2 – Departure and Route

The departure of 7Rando is free, from 5.00 am to 8.00 am on 22 June 2019. The starting point is by Col del Sole Bike Hotel in Treschè Conca di Roana (VI). 3 routes available, from 30, 60 or 100km a day. You decide how much to ride, we care to party all together in the evening! The routes develop on forest roads, military roads, secondary paved roads and trails.

Whatever the length chosen, all 3 tracks end on Saturday at a single logistic base camp where participants will set up their tents. On Sundays the 3 tracks end at the Col del Sole Bike Hotel in Treschè Conca di Roana (VI).

Members will receive the GPX file of the chosen track via email 48h before the event (7Rando_30K – 7Rando_60K – 7Rando_100K).

The participant will have to upload the track provided on his GPS device and follow it from beginning to end.

Art. 3 – Characteristics of the event – warnings

7Rando is a non-competitive pedal adventure and takes place on military roads, forest roads, trails and in minimal part on paved roads: the routes will always be open to traffic and therefore it is COMPULSORY for all participants to respect traffic laws.

The participant acknowledges that he is aware that the route is not signposted, travels at his own risk and is considered to be on a free personal excursion without any more rights than the other users of the paths and roads.

It is aware that there is no health, food and mechanical assistance service provided by the organizers along the route; there is no recovery service for retreats and there are no rescue obligations on the part of the organizers of the participants.

Along the route there are numerous huts, shelters, bars and restaurants, fundamental points of support. Please note that it is not guaranteed that all the structures shown on the GPS tracks as waypoints are open.

The participant undertakes to communicate his withdrawal to the organizer by calling or sending an SMS to the these telephone numbers: 334 5753117 – 334 2238740

The participant is aware that the ASD organizing Record Bike is not a professional organizing body, but the same acts only for recreational and non-patrimonial purposes (1174 Cod.civ.); and therefore participation in the 7Rando cycling excursion always takes place by free choice and for playful, non-patrimonial purposes.

It therefore follows that the aforementioned organizing ASD is free, and in any case relieved, of any responsibility connected with the cycling excursion. It is also exempt from any liability regarding occurrences happened to the cyclist such as: accidents, loss of the route, physical problems, accidents, theft etc. It therefore follows that the 7Rando cycling excursion is intended as a mere meeting and spontaneous and independent participation of cyclists and cyclists in free and personal excursion.

Helmet use is mandatory. Always travel with abundant supplies of water and food, bring clothing for the high mountains, in May a thunderstorm can amount to a beautiful snowfall. Always travel equipped with a good lighting system and a kit for repairing faults and punctures, essential in the event of unforeseen circumstances. The participant undertakes to respect and keep clean the places crossed: meadows, woods, paths and agricultural properties, undertakes not to throw along the waste and to transfer them to the appropriate collection containers.

Participants are required to have a good physical preparation, resistance to prolonged efforts, a spirit of adaptation and a desire to be together and celebrate in harmony with nature.

A good knowledge of GPS and guidance is required.

The route must be followed in full and without cuts.

Art. 4 – Other rules

Asking to participate in the 7Rando each participant:

• declares to have read and approved this regulation and to accept all its parts;

• declares to have taken cognizance of the fact that the event is a non-competitive test of endurance of considerable physical and psychophysical effort with no classification;

• declares to be aware that, being the route in a large part off-road , some sections may be uneven and require good driving technique, where necessary the participant will pass the difficult stretch in his judgment by getting off the bicycle and proceeding on foot;

• declares to have experience in GPS navigation in off-road and / or otherwise untracked routes;

• declares to have experience and to be aware that the route is not marked, is not monitored and there are no safety posts and / or rescue personnel along the route;

• declares to have experience and be aware of the possibility of encountering adverse weather conditions and being able to orientate and pedal in the mountains in these conditions;

• declares to be physically prepared to face many hours riding a bike without stopping and in complete self-sufficiency;

• declares not to resort to doping or drugs or medicinal substances that could alter the performance or lead to situations of damage or danger for themselves or others;

• declares to have all the material necessary to participate in 7Rando and to follow the tracks requested by the organization independently;

• declares to be aware that unexpected events such as landslides, sun, wind, rain, hail, lightning, cold, night, darkness, fog, snow, ice, landslides, encounters with unattended and / or wild animals, falls, accidental collisions with other participants or with people passing through and / or with vehicles in the stretches of road and declares to be adequately prepared to deal with emergency situations;

• declares that your material is in excellent condition and ready for use which a route such as that of the GPS track requires.

• is the guarantor of his behavior during and after the event;

• declares to be in possession of the aptitude medical certificate for cycling practice complies with DM 18/02/1982 and / or DM 26/04/2013 issued by a Sports Medical Center or a doctor;

• declares to be in good physical condition and to have undergone an aptitude medical examination for cycling, providing the organization with the broadest indemnity for any damage it may suffer as a result of its participation in the event;

• expresses its consent to the use of its data, also for commercial purposes, according to the provisions of the Privacy law n. 196 of 06/30/2003;

Art.5 – Treatment of personal data and use of the image of the participants

Participation in 7Rando involves the processing of participants’ personal data for the purposes and in the manner described in the Organizer’s Privacy Policy.

The data controller is the Organizer.

By registering for the Event, the participant confirms that he / she has carefully read the Privacy Policy of the Organizer.

Video-photographic footage: 7Rando’s modalities envisage the making of video-photographic shots in order to document the event; among the services connected to the registration to the Event, the Organizer also offers the possibility to all participants to purchase the photos and videos of the Event in which their image is present.

The video-photographic recordings will affect all the participants indifferently and will be published and made available on the ENDU platform (sites and applications) of Engagigo srl, to allow the viewing, the purchase (if provided) and the sharing of part of the participants and of the subjects from these authorized.

The participant acknowledges and accepts that, in consideration of the public nature of the Event, the object of the services of dissemination and commercialization of the video-photographic filming of the Event as well as the impossibility to selectively limit the video-photographic recordings, to register and participating in the Event it is necessary to authorize the resumption and use of one’s image in the manner and for the purposes indicated in this Regulation, as well as in the Release and in the Privacy Information.

Art. 6 – Release for photographic and video recordings of the event and use of the image of the participants.

Read and approved the Participation Regulations and the Privacy Policy, acknowledged that my registration and / or participation in the Event constitutes a free and autonomous choice, with the registration and / or participation in the Event for any reason, I expressly authorize the Organizer, directly or through its service partners, to the video and photographic recordings of my image in the context of the Event and to the consequent use of the footage for purposes connected to the documentation of the Event by any means and through any channel or support, digital (tv, internet, etc …) or analogue (newspapers, posters, brochures, etc …), as well as the marketing of the photographic and video services of the Event through the ENDU digital platform of Engagigo srl, including the website and the apps ENDU, with consequent offer, free of charge or for payment, of the photos and videos, for private use only, to all participants anti and to the subjects authorized by them.

The authorization is understood to be granted, pursuant to articles 10 of the civil code and 96 and 97 of Law no. 633/1941 (Law on copyright), free of charge, for the whole world and without time limits, always subject to the limit of the protection of the dignity and dignity of my person, and with the faculty for the Organizer to authorize the sponsor companies and technical and service partners of the Event to use the aforementioned footage for the same purposes as the subject of this authorization.

PRIVACY POLICY – 7Rando – 2nd edition – 22-23 June 2019

1) Data controller and categories of data processed

Participation in the Event and the provision of services associated with it involve the processing of participants’ personal data such as: personal data and membership of sports companies / bodies; images shot using video and photos; transit times and times in checkpoints and / or timing; geographic location data for the participants who use a device for surveying the geographical position and the services associated with it.

Data relating to the health of the interested party may also be processed (ie data on diseases obtainable from medical certificates or declared directly by the person concerned), where strictly necessary for the purposes of registration and participation in the Event (for example, for the purpose of registration in a special competition category reserved for athletes with disabilities and / or for the purpose of requesting specific assistance) and only with the explicit consent of the interested party. In such cases, the consent of the interested party is necessary for participation in the Event and failure to provide the same prevents completion of the registration.

The data controller is the ASD Record Bike Organizer.

2) Purposes and conditions of the processing

The use of the personal data indicated above is inherent in the sports and public nature of the Event, in its organizational needs and in the offer to the participants of the services provided.

The Organizer uses and processes the data, also through its technical and service partners and the companies connected to it, for the following purposes: verification of the participation requirements; timing and tracking services; medical assistance services; photo and video services for the media and participants (also for a fee); communications to sports and public authorities; chronicle and documentation of the Event; promotion and commercial exploitation of the Event.

The conditions for processing are therefore:

  1.  provision of services related to the registration of the participants in the Event and the regular performance of the same (for example, in the event of management of the registration of the participant, recording of the times and publication of the results or making available to the participants of the photos and Event videos);
  2. consent of the data subject (for example, in the case of processing of data relating to health or for marketing purposes, as specified below);
  3. pursuing the legitimate interest of the Organizer and its commercial partners (for example, in the event of publication of images and results to document the Event);
  4. fulfillment of legal obligations (for example, in the case of communications due to public authorities);
  5. safeguarding the vital interests of the data subject or another person (for example, if medical assistance services are needed during the Event).The Organizer draws the attention of all participants to the fact that during the course of the Event video will be taken and photographs taken of the participants, both in motion and in fixed pose; on the basis of the assumptions indicated above, the Organizer may use, or allow the sponsors and technical and service partners of the Event to use, such images for the following purposes: a) chronicle and documentation of the Event; b) marketing of photographic and video services of the Event with consequent offer, free of charge or against payment, of the photos and videos, for exclusively private use, to all participants and to the subjects authorized by them. Authorization for the resumption of one’s own image in the context of the Event is a necessary requisite to participate in the Event to the extent that the modalities for carrying out the latter, as described in the Regulations, provide for the video-photographic resumption of the event for the purpose documentation and the consequent offer to all participants of services for the purchase of photos and videos of the Event; therefore, failure to authorize the use of one’s own image for the aforementioned purposes, as requested in the Release, makes it impossible to register for the Event.

3) Scope of circulation and dissemination of data

The Organizer informs the participant that the Event is organized and managed also through the services of technical and commercial partners and with the support of sponsors. The services provided by these partners may include: registration services, tracking services, timing services, photo and video shooting services and other possible services. Some services may require or presuppose the registration of the interested party on the partner’s platform or in any case treatments carried out by the partner as an independent Data Controller; in such cases, the interested party is invited to carefully read the privacy information provided by the partner. The interested party can know at any time the list of partners and sponsors, by writing to the Organizer.

In the case of participants with their own ENDU profile (ie natural persons registered with ENDU, a platform managed by the Engagigo Srl company) who, in order to supplement their profile, have requested Engagigo to acquire from the organizers operating through ENDU the data processed by them the last (in particular, data relating to registration for events, as well as copies of documents relating to certificates of fitness for sporting activities and memberships), the Organizer will automatically communicate these data to Engagigo. The interested party may view Engagigo’s privacy policy on the latter’s website ( and exercise their rights directly with that company.

In consideration of the public nature and purpose of the Event, the participants also acknowledge and accept that the data relating to their image, their timing and results or their real-time position, where special tracking services are active, can be made publicly accessible through dissemination on the sites of the Organizer, sponsors and service partners of the Event and / or communicated to third parties for the purpose of reporting, documentation and promotion of the Event itself, for the supply of specific services connected to the Event , such as the sale of video-photo services, in the fulfillment of specific legal or regulatory obligations and to safeguard the vital interests of the participants (for example, communication to competent authorities and rescue personnel for rescue operations and / or supply of medical assistance services within the Event).

4) Consent for advertising exploitation of the participant’s image

With the specific and free consent of the interested party, the Organizer will be able to take advantage of the shots that include his image for the promotion of the Event and other events organized by the Organizer. The interested party can revoke this consent at any time by writing to the Organizer.

5) Treatments for marketing purposes

If the participant, for the purpose of registering for the Event, uses his email address, the Organizer may use this address, without the prior consent of the participant, to send him, also through his service partners, commercial communications relating to his own products and services connected to the Event or to other initiatives and events similar to the Event. The interested party may object to the sending of such communications at any time by writing to the Organizer or following the specific instructions contained in each communication.

Without prejudice to the above, with the specific and free consent of the interested party, revocable at any time, the Organizer may, directly or through the use of its own service partners:

a) use the contact details of the participants (email, address and telephone number) for the purposes of commercial information, market research, surveys, direct offers of own products and services / products and services of its service and commercial partners , through traditional methods (ie paper mail, telephone calls via operator, etc.) and automated communication tools (ie pre-recorded phone calls, e-mails, faxes, text messages, mms, apps, etc.);

b) transfer to certain categories of third parties (in particular, the sponsor companies of the Event and other companies that supply products and services related to the organization of the Event and, more generally, to the world of sports activities) the contact details of the participants (email, address and telephone number) for the purposes of commercial information, market research, surveys, direct offers of their products and services made through traditional methods (ie paper mail, telephone calls through operator etc …) and automated communication tools (or pre-recorded phone calls, e-mails, faxes, sms, mms, apps, etc.). These third parties will from time to time act as autonomous Data Controllers, with the consequent burden of providing the interested party with their privacy information in the terms of the law.

6) Data storage and data processors

The data of the interested parties will be stored in the Organizer’s computer archives and protected by appropriate security measures in line with the provisions of article 32 of the EU Regulation 2016/679. The data will be kept for the time necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected and possibly for a further period of time if the retention of the data is necessary for the protection of a right of the Organizer or of a third party (for example, the data related to the registration for the Event will be kept for ten years, also in consideration of possible complaints by the interested party in the ordinary ten-year limitation period, the data relating to the results of the Event will be kept as long as a current interest in the documentation can be detected of the Event itself, the contact details for sending commercial communications will be kept as long as the interested party does not exercise his right of opposition or withdraw the consent previously granted, the data relating to the image of the participants will be kept for the whole time in which the Organizer may legitimately dispose of the filming of the event).

For the purposes of storage and, more generally, of processing, the Organizer may use third parties under its own responsibility; such persons, in accordance with the legal requirements, will be appointed by the Organizer as their own Data Processors pursuant to art. 28 of EU Regulation 679/2016. To know the complete list of Data Processors appointed from time to time by the Organizer, the interested party can send a request through the addresses indicated in the following art. 9).

7) Data transfer outside the EU

In the case of international data transfers starting from the European Economic Area (EEA), where the European Commission has recognized that a country not belonging to the EEA is able to guarantee an adequate level of data protection, the data of the interested party may be transferred to that basis.

For transfers to countries not belonging to the EEA whose level of protection has not been recognized by the European Commission, the Organizer will be based on a derogation applicable to the specific situation or will implement one of the following measures to ensure the protection of your data:

• standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission; or

• binding company rules, where applicable.

To obtain a copy of these measurements or details of where they are available, a written request can be sent as indicated in the following article.

8) Rights of the interested party

At any time the participant will be able to exercise his rights regarding the processing of personal data pursuant to articles 15-22 of the GDPR 2016/679. These rights include:

  1. Access: the interested party can obtain information in relation to the processing of his data and a copy of such data.
  2. Adjustment: if you believe your data is inaccurate or incomplete, you may request that this data be modified accordingly.
  3. Cancellation: the interested party can request the deletion of the data if he revokes his previous consent and there is no other legal basis for the treatment or in the other cases provided for by law.
  4. Limitation: in the cases provided for by law (for example, if he disputes the legitimacy of the processing or the accuracy of the data), the interested party can obtain the limitation of the processing of the data without them being deleted.
  5. Opposition: the interested party may object to the processing of data if the processing is based on a legitimate interest of the Organizer for reasons connected to its particular situation, unless there are cogent reasons why the Organiser’s interest prevails over his rights ( it is the case, for example, in which the treatment is necessary to defend in law a right of the Organizer).
  6.  Withdrawal of consent: the interested party can revoke the consent previously given for the purposes of processing.

The interested party may, at any time, object to the processing of his / her data for marketing purposes and revoke the consent previously given for this purpose, also following the procedure and instructions given in the text of each commercial communication.

The participant is aware that his opposition (see previous letter e) or the revocation of consent (see previous paragraph 4) or of the authorization (see Disclaimer) for the use of images that portray him will have effects within the limits within which it will be possible to block the publication of such images with reasonable means and costs. The opposition, as well as the revocation, will not however end the lawfulness of the uses that have occurred in the meantime.

The rights in question may be exercised by sending a written notice to the Organizer at the following email address:

In accordance with current legislation, in addition to the aforementioned rights, the data subject is also entitled to submit a complaint to the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, Piazza di Monte Citorio n. 121 – 00186, Rome, Fax: (+39) 06.69677.3785, sustainable @

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